Will I really save time when I install an Easyclip deck compared to screw based deck?



Compared to screws, EasyClips use only a third of the actions performed to be installed. On a deck fastened with screws, you would generally use 60 screws per square meter. That means that you wood have to predrill 60 times, countersink 60 times, and screw in 60 screws per square meter. That gives you a total of 180 actions to be performed by your carpenter. With EasyClips you would only have to cut the slot, using a standard biscuit saw, on the side of your decking and insert and fasten an EasyClip. On the same deck you would only need 30 EasyClips per square meter, which add up to only 60 actions.

Some of the other timesaving advantages are:

  • EasyClips automatically space your deck boards
  • No need for alignment of screws on the decking boards
  • Easyclips do not require a double joists for joining deck boards
  • When using pre-grooved decking there would be no need for cutting slots with a biscuit saw